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Professional window tinting


LLumar Window Film

Our Window Tint Technician's at Custom Wheels Boutique have over 10 years experience installing automotive window film. 

We use only the best quality Llumar Film. 
We offer a better and best option both with a Lifetime warranty. 
​Better:  ATC and Best: CTX.
*CTX (ceramic) is most popular.
​We are pleased to be the popular spot for tint in the Fredericksburg area.  
Law enforcement / Dealers / Fleets? Call us for discounted pricing.


Professional Installation

The old fashioned way of window tinting means continual contact with your vehicle. The Precision Cut computer way means the majority of the prepwork is done away from the vehicle. No more razor blades being used on your vehicle reducing any chance for incidental damages.  One of the biggest advantages of the Precision Cut computer system is that every pattern is cut to exact standards.  This ensures a digitally perfect every time.

Let us show you why we are the leader in the window film industry.

Price List

*Some vehicles require more time and require special techniques. e.g. European/Classic vehicles... removal of existing aftermarket film price varies.

Virginia tint law

Coupe / Sedan

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SUV / Trucks

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